NEW Our Secret

We are artisans, producing excellence in glass jars


The secret of good jars? Taste.

Activating the most powerful human sense - taste - we revive our joyful childhood memories and sparkling creativity to bring you a range of essential kitchen products in glass jars:

  • Jams (with link to products’ page)
  • Tapenades(with link to products’ page)
  • Chutneys(with link to products’ page)
  • Pickles(with link to products’ page)
  • Preserved lemons(with link to products’ page)
  • Syrups(with link to products’ page)


At Pipaillon, we commit to sourcing outstanding organic ingredients from the best local farmers, who respect their land and the future generations in Belgium, France, Spain and Sicily.


Simplicity is the mother of our innovation.

Our amazing team develops the unique Pipaillon savoir-faire, combining ancestral preservation techniques and modern technologies.


In short, the Pipaillon jars are 100% handmade, flavourfully outstanding and filled with love.

Our preservation techniques?

  • Sugar - for our jams& syrups
  • Salt - for our capers & preserved lemons
  • Vinegar - for our chutneys& pickles
  • Oil and Pasteurization - for our spreads


So Good, so Chic!